Game Design

We are looking for an experienced and talented game designer for Shattered Relics. You are a talented with the ability to create content or system ideas and resulting in logical and engaging content to sculpt the world to what it will become.


  • Experience in Trello, Sheets, Excel, and/or any additional software to aid in design.
  • Ability to present and demonstrate your design to other members.
  • Construct clean, organized, and in-depth documents for assigned topic(s) for design.
  • Document and jot down ideas for additional design or modification to current design whether assigned or not.
  • Attend scheduled design meetings with other designer(s)


  • Experience in project management / lead design in another project.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Exceptionally creative, adaptable, and open-minded.
  • A burning passion to create a new immersive and worthwhile game.
  • Resume or proof of concept(s) design you've previously done.


  • Intense knowledge in MMORPGS
  • Advanced mathematical skills
  • Programming experience
  • Photoshop / illustrator experience